Tips to Crack UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design) 2022 Exam

UCEED is conducted by IIT Bombay every year for admission to Bachelor of Design at four IITs and one IITD and this year the exam was held on 22 January 2022. To be eligible to take this exam you have to be born after October 1, 1997, and must have passed all subjects in the qualifying exam i.e. Class XII or any other equivalent exam. You can take a maximum of two attempts in a row and the marks for the exam are valid only for the same academic year only. 

You can apply for the exam from the official website of UCEED through online mode and have to pay the registration fee which is non-refundable. The dates for UCEED Admission 2023 will be released later and will be available on the official website.

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UCEED syllabus

Part A of the syllabus includes, 

  • Visualization and Spatial Ability: Aspirants are tested on their ability to identify the subtle difference in visual properties and must apply attention to analyzing and critically thinking about it.
  • Observation and Design Sensitivity: Manipulation of 2d and 3D shapes and transformation as well as spatial relationships and scientific concepts are included in this part.
  • Environmental and social awareness: Water, climate, weather, population, and other environmental, as well as social factors, are and their effects on products, images, and infrastructure are considered.
  • Analytical and logical reasoning: Questions related to logic and structured thinking, qualitative and quantitative aptitude, ability to weigh options, examine assumptions and many other topics fall under these topics.
  • Language and creativity: Aspirants must have a stronghold over the English language as questions on verbs, tenses, active and passive voice, and sentence structures are asked. Also, your vocabulary skills and comprehension are tested.
  • Design thinking and problem solving: Understanding the complexity and developing alternatives, assessing choices, visual analogies, metaphors, and signs come under this topic.

Part B of the syllabus includes,

  • Drawing: Composition, shading everything related to creative skills, and drawing comes under this.

UCEED Exam pattern and marks distribution

The UCEED Exam consists of two parts: Part A and Part B. In total. There are 69 questions in which Part A consists of 68 questions of 240 marks and Part B consists of only one question of 60 marks.

The type of questions asked in Part A are:

  • NAT or Numerical Answer Type Questions: This section consists of 18 questions with a total of 72 marks and in this, the answers to the questions are numbers that students have to enter using a virtual keyboard.
  • Multiple Select Question or MSQ: This section also consists of 18 questions of 72 marks and 0.19 marks deducted for each wrong answer. In this section, there can be one or more correct options out of the four options given for each question.
  • MCQ or Multiple Choice question: This section consists of 32 questions of 96 marks in total and 0.17 marks are deducted for each wrong answer. In this section, students have to select the correct option out of the four options given for each question.

Part B consists of only one question and here the drawing and creative skills of the students are tested. The question is displayed on the computer screen and students have to draw on the answer booklet given to them.

Tips to crack UCEED

  • Practice Drawing: As 60 marks are allotted to this section, candidates need to spend as much as they can on sketching and free-hand drawing. When a question is given it will be easy for the candidate to convey their thoughts through their drawing and score as many marks as they can.
  • General Knowledge and Environmental Studies: It is seen that general knowledge and current affairs questions are asked in the exam and for that reading newspapers daily is important to stay up to date. Creative visualizations and creating storylines are also important to practice. These can increase your marks.
  • Time management: For every exam preparation, time management is very important to create a timetable based on the topics that you would need to cover and follow. Giving extra attention to abstract topics like problem-solving and pattern finding is important, and also practice as many questions related to these topics to increase your speed.
  • Previous years’ question and Mock tests: Practicing UCEED Mock tests and previous years’ question papers will help you understand the type of question asked as well as the question pattern. It will also help you analyze the time you would need to complete the paper and also find out the weak areas you need to work on.
  • Math, observation, and visual skills: Lots of questions are asked on mathematical geometry, so it is important to practice lots and lots of math questions, especially ones that test your creativity and visualization skills.  It is also important to ace your observation skills by drawing whatever you see on the road or other techniques.
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