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About The Design Village

The Design Village is an interdisciplinary, industry- centric design institute, based out of Noida, New Delhi in India. At TDV, all fields of design come together for essential interdisciplinary interactions. TDV organizes meaningful faculty and student exchanges with international institutes and organizations. TDV works closely with the industry and professionals to maintain a strong focus on the real-world relevance and application of design.

The Village is a metaphor for the design village both in its physicality and philosophy. Much like an actual village, the design village is an organic whole where culture is respected and rediscovered. A space where one feels a sense of belonging and responsibility, where values of empathy are nurtured by supporting fellow villagers and the village itself. It aspires to be an energetic and thoughtful place where designers want to be and teachers want to teach. Alternately, the village is not just limited to the physical campus but also the virtual design network of inspiring teachers, academicians, researchers, professionals and associates around the world.

About The Design Village
About The Design Village

Courses Offered

Full-Time Four-Year undergraduate degree courses


Minimum 50% score in Higher Secondary Examination or Class XII equivalent. The students have to get through the TDV Design Entrance Test.


Candidates are chosen on the basis of an entrance examination, a situation test and personal interview conducted by TDV. Students are encouraged to share their design portfolios at the time of the interview.

Transfer Admission

In special cases, TDV accepts student transfers from other institutes on the basis of an interview, portfolio review, recommendation letters and previous marksheets. University rules are applicable for degree purposes.



The candidate must be a graduate (10+2+3/4) or equivalent with a minimum of 50% score. The degree must be from a related creative field or supported with relevant work experience.


Candidates are chosen on the basis of an TDV Entrance Exam portfolio review and personal interview. This can pertain to any creative and relevant work and should be supported with a statement of purpose.

Transfer Admission

In special cases, TDV accepts student transfers from other institutes on the basis of an interview, portfolio review, recommendation letters and previous marksheets. University rules are applicable for degree purposes.


TDV exam & admission process

It is a specifically designed test that assesses an individual’s various dimensions. TDV has imbibed a multicultural approach and is spread across the nation in cities like- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Kochi, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Noida, and Kolkata. The institute’s entrance test is branched out to multiple channels reflecting upon the intrinsic personality traits that a capable design curator must inherit.

Correlative quiz : It tests the awareness level of aspirants in the form of a kind of treasure hunt that offers clues, and one has to navigate to reach somewhere; designed to make them understand correlations between people/ places/ objects/ events test the presence of mind in reading the question correctly because there are trick questions.

Comprehensive Question : This is for ideation and visual representation.The potential for all the attributes is evaluated in this question-the ability. To imagine a scenario in a holistic manner and in parts (courage to think outside the box/compassion). To visualize the representation and draw clearly/proportionately (aptitude/skill). To observe from memory/add details to the imagined environment and make it enriched and vivid (awareness/perseverance)

Question for taking positions/justifying them : In his book,‘ViP-Vision in Product Design’, Dr. Paul Hekkert says that design is about taking positions; building arguments on why it is what it is and being able to justify with logic and rationale. This section tests

  • the ability to develop an opinion or a perspective of an issue; one that is not random and whimsical but justified convincingly
  • to evaluate values and priorities among this age group
  • to represent innovatively, the ideation although the focus is on the design thinking

Creating thumbnails : This gives the student an opportunity to express the core concept or the basic concept of what he/she is trying to express and is very useful in visual communication. The exercise is designed to address multiple meanings:

  1. To evaluate lateral thinking based on the interpretation-from the most obvious to least obvious.
  2. The response could also indicate an awareness of what is happening in the world.

Situational test : The situational test at TDV tests the candidates with realistic yet hypothetical scenarios and asks the test takers to build models around the same, which has been identified as a brilliant method to check the creative and innovative skills with respect to spontaneity. The test focuses to surface the inventive/experimental/imaginative and artistic capabilities of the candidates by putting them into a time-bound situation and indulging their minds to construct something meaningful. The situational test helps to delineate the constructive thought-process of the candidate as well as his behavioral tendency and personality.

Personal Interview & Portfolio discussion : A precise and clear communication of the candidate individually, to the designated mentor. A brief discussion with a mentor about personal goals, aspirations, opinions and ideologies.

TDV Exam
TDV Exam
TDV Exam

Important Dates

20th Nov Sunday Online
18th Dec Sunday Online
15th Jan Sunday Online
19th Feb Sunday Online
26th March Sunday Online
23rd April Sunday Online
21st May Sunday Online
25th June Sunday Online
23rd July Sunday Online

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