Course Content of ODC Workshop

Both studio test and interview are equally important for clearing the entrance exam. During interview, portfolio plays an important role. The panel of people conducting the interview studies your portfolio and you can demonstrate your best piece of work through your portfolio.

Studio Test is conducted to judge your creative skills. Your orientation towards design and presence of mind is judged with the help of series of tests being conducted at the Design College.

Module 1
Doodling exercises
Doodling exercise is usually asked in all the disciplines to check candidate’s thought process. In the doodling test incomplete doodles are given in the form of curved lines, dots. The candidate is supposed to draw something meaningful out of those incomplete lines and provide a suitable caption to his/ her drawing. This module will prepare you for how to complete the doodles and provide suitable captions.

Module 2
3D Model Making and material manipulation
At Studio Test candidates are provided with different types of materials and are supposed to create things with that material. Basic and advance model making techniques will be taught in this module. This module will explain you how to create 3D models based on the brief and the material provided. Tips to work with different materials such as paper, clay, wire, cloth, wool, threads, pins, plastic, thermacol, POP, hard board, foils etc. will be provided.

Module 3
Design concept
Studio Test is conducted to judge your creative skills. Many exercises asked in the studio test are based on certain themes/ concepts. So this module will help you understand and learn concepts such as what is design, design principles, futuristic, contemporary, historical designs, and ergonomics etc.

Module 4
Observation tests/ Audio- Visuals & Visualization Tests
Audio-visual tests are conducted to check the observation skills of the candidate. This module will include exercises for mental attentiveness, noticing and registering things/ objects/ environment/ culture.

Module 5
Past year’s original papers will be discussed and solved in the class.

Module 6
10 mock test papers will be discussed and solved in the class.

Module 7
Portfolio Development
Portfolio guidance and portfolio making with expert faculty. Students will be shown the portfolios of the students who have got selected at design colleges. This module will cover what is to be included in the portfolio, and developing portfolio. Portfolio arrangement tips will be provided by our faculties.

Module 8
Interview Tips
Tips for facing interview with confidence. Mock interviews will conducted in presence of jury to give students a practice to face interview with confidence.

Module 9
E-books: World best eBook on craftwork for reference

Module 10
E-books: World best eBook on craftwork for reference