NIFT Coaching in Ranchi

Get the Best NIFT Coaching in Ranchi

If you are looking for the best area where you can learn and polish your designing skills, then Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio is the best institution that can help you achieve your goals. At our company, we have always tried to offer our students the best in-class education. Our focus has always been to deliver the best study material and resources which will help the students to polish their skills and improve knowledge at every step.


Due to the recent pandemic guidelines, we offer both offline and online classes. If you are looking forward to studying at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, then we can help you realise your dreams. We offer the best NIFT coaching in Ranchi for many years now. At our institute, we also help the top students by offering them scholarships. Our faculty and staff help you develop your best skills.


Our alumni are composed of the best teachers and professionals who have been associated with prestigious institutes like IIT, NID, NIFT, and CEPT. They provide the students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of their subjects. From preparing for the entrance exam to designing your portfolio, they will help you in every step of the course. That is why we can offer the best NIFT coaching in Ranchi.


Why Choose BRDS For NIFT?

If you are wondering why you should choose BRDS for NIFT preparations, then here are the most important things you should know – 


● BRDS is one of the most premium design studios in India, and we were established back in 2005. For more than 16 years, we are helping students to achieve their goals and dreams.


● We are consistently preparing our students for a fantastic career in the fashion industry. Our NIFT coaching in Ranchi is one of the best centres with the most prestigious faculty.


● Our institute in Ranchi is equipped with all the best tools and facilities. Students can make the most of the lecture halls, theatre, workshops, library and computer-aided centres. We also have a huge Audio & Video Studio that we have set up here.


● Our main office is situated in the city of Ahmedabad, but we have now spread over 30 different centres in India. We have proved to be one of the best graphics, arts and design consultancy in the whole subcontinent.


So, you can see why BRDS is the best place where you can get the right NIFT coaching in Ranchi. We make sure that our students are ready for the NIFT exam all the time.


Design and Aptitude Tests

Not only we focus on the theoretical part of the curriculum, but our objective is also to help you improve your practical knowledge. That is why we always host design and aptitude tests from time to time. This allows the students to get a deeper insight into their course and perceive different skills that will help them in real life. Our fantastic aptitude tests included in the NIFT coaching in Ranchi will surely create the best opportunity for you to succeed in life.