NID Studio Test 2024: Preparation Strategy and Study Plan

The NID selection process in 2024 is divided into multiple levels. NID DAT Mains 2024 includes the NID Studio Test, which is important in shortlisting candidates. Here are some important NID Studio Test 2024 preparation recommendations.

NID is one of the most prestigious exams that take admissions into both undergraduate and postgraduate courses based on the DAT Exam (Design Aptitude Test). NID offers various Bachelor of Design (B. Des) and Masters of Design (M. Des) courses. 

Before coming to the NID Studio Test, you must know that for admission into the NIDs, you must pass a three-phased entrance exam.

  • NID Prelims
  • NID Mains
  • NID Studio Test

The NID Prelims is a subjective and objective type of questions-based exam. After qualifying for the prelims, you proceed to the Studio test.

The studio test for NID admissions comprises questions on topics like drawing/sketching, hands-on model making, group discussions, presentations, etc.

Here’s how to crack the NID Studio Test! 

How to prepare for the NID Studio Test?

The NID Studio Test is designed to test a person’s ability under certain circumstances.

During the test, your skills, creativity, understanding, and sensitivity are tested from time to time. 

How to prepare for the NID Studio Test – 

  • Level of creativity in a particular situation.
  • Quality of execution.
  • Understanding the problem.

You will be required to visualize and design things using various materials. A creative mind will be a bonus for you as the NID Studio Test requires a unique and innovative solution for examiners to be impressed by you. 

How To Prepare For NID Studio Test 2024

Before proceeding with the preparations, let’s look at one of the NID previous year’s papers. Having a look at it, you will get an idea of what could be asked; although no questions are likely to be repeated, you will get a clear idea about the type of questions requested.

NID Studio Test Questions

The NID Studio Test Previous Year’s Questions will allow you to gather more information on what can be asked in the interview process. 

Here are NID design studio questions, including NID studio test doodling questions. 

Q1. Doodle Exercise – 12 boxes were given (4 on each sheet). In the given boxes, complete the lines and make whatever you feel. You can turn the box on any side. It would be best if you gave your drawing a title.

Q2. Design a Playful Toy (NO USE OF ADHESIVE) with the following materials:

  1. Colored OHP sheet – 2
  2. Ping Pong balls – 3
  3. Bamboo Sticks – 12
  4. Wool – 1m
  5. Bangles – a set of 6

(Write about your model)

Q3. Make an object using the following material:

  1. Clay
  2. Hacksaw blade
  3. Water
  4. Sponge

The object should be appropriate for the given setting.

{An image is given of a corporate house building with a desk, a chair, a laptop, and a background)

Check the official website for the NID MDes studio test/ NID studio test date. Talk to students who have taken the NID studio test question papers to learn about their NID studio test experience. 

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 Q4. Audio Visual Test

Visual Test: Images were shown of some objects, such as fan broom shoelaces, and identified them.

Images were shown, and the texture, such as wire gauge, wall, and soil, had to be identified.

Audio Test: Sound clippings were played, and we had to identify them, such as clapping hands, dropping coins, machines, etc.

Audio clippings were played, and the source had to be identified, such as a wolf shouting on a moon night, elephants, etc.

How to Prepare for NID Studio Test 2024

The question ‘How to prepare for the NID studio test’ comes to mind, but the perfect strategy is what you will find here.  

For NID Studio Test 2024 preparations, you can follow these strategies to succeed in the NID studio test preparation.

  • After seeing this paper, you learn about the type of questions asked and the problems you need to solve. Here are all the expected topics for design problems to be asked in the Studio Test-
  • Doodling exercise
  • 3D Model Making
  • Clay Modelling
  • Wire Moulding
  • Story Illustration
  • Psychometric Test
  • Thematic Apperception

You must thoroughly examine each topic mentioned above and practice for them before your exam.

  • Try to prepare a study plan and provide sufficient time for each topic to be covered in detail before the exam.
  • Try to evaluate your skill set and determine where you are excellent and where you fall behind. And accordingly, work on those skills to better enhance them. 
  • NID Studio test preparation requires creativity. Make room for creativity in your mind. The more creative you are the more the chance to ace the exam.
  • Practice model-making with every material you can get your hands on. Get your hands on these basic materials like thermocol, rubber sheets, wire, cloth, paper, clay, wool, threads, pins, plastic, plaster of Paris, hardboard, foils, etc. Try practicing with these materials for a better understanding.
  • Give each task a time limit and complete it in that allocated time.
  • Focus on neat and clean model-making. You will secure better marks if you maintain a neat and clean model-making.
  • The exam also consists of audio and visual tests. Try to focus on what is displayed or the audio clip being played. It is crucial as examiners can ask questions from any part of that audio or visual presentation.

If you strictly follow these tips, you will surely pass the NID DAT Studio Test without difficulties.

Make sure to constantly work on your creativity and try finding solutions by going out of the box.

These are crucial parts of the NID Exam and also very important for securing good marks in the exam.

Portfolio and Interview for NID 2024

The NID Test Portfolio and Interview round are held separately for each specialization immediately following the NID Studio Test at the exact location. This is very important in the final decision. The primary reason for conducting an interview is to evaluate your knowledge and interest in design. The panel will assess you based on your career focus, intellectual capacity, and soft skills.

Please remember that you must bring your portfolio, including original artwork, 3D model portraits, creative writing, posters, graphic art, and so on.

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The National Institute of Design Studio Test is an excellent opportunity for aspiring designers to showcase their talent and score well in this round. With the right approach and dedication, anyone who takes the NID Studio Test can crack the exam and obtain a seat at NID.