About NID DAT Mains:

NID DAT Mains is the second phase exam conducted after NID Design Aptitude Test (DAT) Prelims. NID DAT prelims exam comprises of Creative Ability Test – 70% and Multiple Choice Questions – 30%. Students who pass NID DAT Prelims get a chance to apply in NID DAT Mains which is conducted at NID, Ahmedabad Campus.
NID DAT Mains focuses on various topics like: Doodling Concept, 3D Model Making & Manipulation, Design Concept, Observation tests/ Audio – Visuals & Visualization Tests & Panel Interviews


What to expect in NID DAT Mains:

NID DAT Mains is conducted to judge students creative skills. Their orientation towards design & creativity skills are put into limelight by series of different tests.

Topic 1: Doodling Exercises

Doodling exercise is usually asked in all the disciplines to check candidate’s thought process. In this test incomplete doodles are provided in the form of curved lines & dots. The candidate has to draw something meaningful from the given incomplete lines and dots. Once the doodle is completed the student has to then put a suitable caption.

Topic 2: 3D Model Making and Material Manipulation

In this module students creativity skills are put into test. In this test student is provided with different types of materials and they are supposed to create things from that materials. The materials provided are paper, clay, wire, cloth, wool, threads, pins, plastic, thermal, POP, hard board, foils, etc.

Topic 3: Design Concept

This task is conducted to judge students creativity skills. The exercises conducted in this test are based on certain themes and concepts.

Topic 4: Observation Tests/ Audio – Visuals & Visualization Tests

In NID DAT Mains audio- visual tests are conducted to check the observation skills of the candidate. This module includes the following exercises mental attentiveness, noticing and registering things like objects, environment & culture.

Topic 5: Panel Interview

In this module students confidence is put into test.


Join BRDS for NID DAT Mains

The 2 Day NID Phase 2 Workshop at Ahmedabad conducted by NID alumni will cover:

  • Personal training by NID Alumni at any BRDS centre.
  • Doubt clearing from NID DAT Mains Home Exercises
  • Studio test practice exercises.
  • Portfolio arrangement & presentation
  • Interview tips and training
  • NID DAT Mains preparation at BRDS
  • Covers studio test, interview and portfolio preparation
  • Solving of 10 past years Studio test papers and Mock test papers
  • Free Home coaching DVD.

Only 20 seats per batch available. Students need to enroll with us, as soon as the results of the written exam are announced. Kindly register in time as we have limited seats. Admissions are granted on first come first served basis.

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Tips & Tricks to crack NID DAT Mains

Check this exclusive video which will contains tips and tricks to track NID DAT Mains. This video is prepared by Mr. Gaurav Juyal (NID Alumini & Anchor of Walt Disney Art Attack )



National Institute of Design (NID) is the premier institute for Design education in India. Known for its expert faculties, amazing learning environment, notable alumni and of course, its long lasting legacy, NID is also known as the most difficult design college to get into. NID offers 100 seats for B. Design programme, 240 seats for GDPD and 275 seats in M. Design programmes.

BRDS has consistently brought out successful students for getting into NID and it is proud to achieve highest selection in NID compared to any other coaching institute in India. BRDS is the only institute to publish full result year after year with brief about the students, their city, and photos. No institute in India provides results with so much detail.

NID Result 2019
NID Result 2018
NID Result 2019


Student Selected in NID 2019
1105 Total Selected in NID
Pranav Holla
B. Design
All india Rank 01
NID 2019
Amrithavarshini Sathyadev
B. Design
All india Rank 02
NID 2019
Yambem Singh
B. Design
All india Rank 03
NID 2019
Devanshi Nihaniwal
B. Design
All india Rank 04
NID 2019
Dipankar Talukdar
B. Design
All india Rank 05
NID 2019
Mitrabinda Behera
B. Design
All india Rank 06
NID 2019
B. Design
All india Rank 07
NID 2019
Yasvardhan Kumar
B. Design
All india Rank 08
NID 2019
Sujay Sinha
B. Design
All india Rank 09
NID 2019
Adarsh Maradiyar
B. Design
All india Rank 10
NID 2019
Yashvi Modh
B. Design
NID 2019

Video Gallery of Selected Students in NID from BRDS

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