NID DAT ( Mains ) 2023 – Online Learning Software (24×7)

Students will get access to Online study materials (Online Learning software) within 24 hours to start preparation immediately. Material will include Orientation towards Design, Doodling tests, Observation tests, Material Handling test, 3D Model making, Original and Mock test papers, practice exercises and many more.

Highlights of Online Learning Software

  • Covers Studio test Preparation
  • Prepared by NID Ahmedabad Alumni.
  • Workbook – covering all aspects of studio test
  • 10 years NID Original Studio test Papers
  • 10 Mock Test Papers
  • 150 studio test practice exercises.
  • 100 Video lessons
  • One-to-one interaction with ex-NIDian
  • Complementary – 2 Days Studio test workshop at any BRDS centre or 5 Days Live Online workshop.

FEE : Rs. 500/-

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Contents of NID DAT Mains 2023 – Online Learning Software

  • 10 Days Course with Preparatory videos
  • Studio Test workbook- covering all aspects of Studio test such as doodling, material handling-clay, wire, paper, mixed materials, design concept, Audio visual exercises, live sketching, problem solving using design solutions etc.
  • 100 + Video lessons & eBooks for Material Handling
  • Contains 150 studio test exercises
  • 10 years Original papers (B.Des/ M.Des)
  • 10 Mock test papers (As per the discipline)
  • 30 + SoP (Statement of Purpose) Samples (For M.Des)
  • 30 + Design Portfolio Samples
  • Portfolio Development Guidance videos- Complete guide for portfolio development- how to create a design portfolio. Portfolio samples for reference. Students can share their portfolio for review.
  • Interview tips (eBooks & Video resources)
  • You can pause-rewind-relearn any time of the day.
  • Learn like a Classroom from Home

Feedback @ Home from NIDians

Feedback will be given to you by NID alumni at the end of each day on artworks emailed by you. We expect students to take the feedback, improve their work and resubmit the artworks. Take a photo of your Doodle, Observation Tests or 3D Models, SoPs, portfolio etc . Email the work to us on [email protected] or to the email id allotted by the faculty.