How To Prepare For Nid Entrance Exam

National Institute of Design (NID), a premier design college conducts Design Aptitude Test (DAT) for aspirants seeking admissions to undergraduate design programme (B.Des). Design aspirants from all over the country appear for this national level entrance exam, but only 100 seats are allocated to eligible and qualified candidates at NID (Ahmedabad). With this, you can surely get an idea about the cut throat competition in this field.

You need to follow effective NID DAT preparation tips that separate you from rest of the test-takers. Apart from your dedication and sincerity, knowing few practical tips help you in cracking NID DAT. BRDS brings here top tips on how to crack NID DAT and secure a seat at the prestigious institute.

Tip #1: Develop Observation & Visualisation Skills

The most important purpose of DAT is to test candidates creative and imaginative skills. Apart from that, the questions are framed to judge their general awareness, observation skills and visualisation as well. It is a common myth among students that only good sketching is essential to crack the entrance exam. This is not true, as developing skills is equally important. You need to work on enhancing this skill set first.


Tip #2: Improve your Speed

Having exceptional drawing skills and creativity is useless if you don’t have speed. The whole idea is to be able to present your imagination and uniqueness in the exam in limited time duration. You should work on enhancing your speed so that you can answer all the questions in the given time.

Tip #3: Solve Sample Papers

Practice NID DAT sample papers as much as you can. This will give you an idea about the types of questions that are asked in the exam. You will know the overall difficulty level of the entrance test as well. Moreover, this will aid in increasing your speed to a great extent. Solving previous years’ papers will also let you know the sequence in which you should answer different sections.

Tip #4: Improve General Awareness

It is not necessary that you cram up your mind with each and every General Knowledge book. Awareness about current happenings is more important. For this, read newspapers daily. Moreover, you should also know about famous designers who have contributed in this challenging field. Spend time on reading fashion & design books/magazines. You need to develop a genuine passion for this domain. Tip #5: Don’t waste time in Erasing & Redrawing

In the limited hours given to you for completing the exam, you have to make sure that you do not waste time in erasing and redrawing, which most of the candidates do. To ensure this, it is recommended that you draw with a light hand first focusing majorly on outlining only. After getting satisfied with the rough outline and dimensions, you can start with the detailing work and finalise it. This way, you will save a lot of time.


Tip #6: Be Innovative

Being innovative enough to use your imagination and original ideas to create something is a prerequisite to clear this exam. You should have ability to come up with unique ideas to design something new. Questions in NID DAT will evaluate your out of the box thinking. Keeping aside your conventional thoughts, you need to bring your uncommon thinking to the fore.

Following these NID DAT preparation tips while studying for NID DAT will definitely help you to achieve your goal. Give your 100 percent, be sincere and focused, and maintain a positive approach throughout your preparation phase. You have every possibility to clear the exam with flying colors.

How to Prepare For Nid Entrance Exam

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How to Crack NID NID entrance exam sometimes also referred to as NID Design Aptitude Test (DAT)) is an entrance exam that a NID design aspirant needs to clear as a first step for getting admission into NID. Upon successfully qualifying in the NID DAT, the candidate is called for a Studio Test, followed by a personal interview.

NID DAT is all about balancing skills:

Each design school has a different perception towards design. NID does not accept the score of other design entrance test. NIT DAT is a test that focuses on how the design is carried out. Here are some tips on how to crack the NID DAT.

Be creative: It is difficult to predict NID questions. Try to give smart and creative answers. Ensure that you should have enough practice and make the best use of the opportunity as you can showcase your skill.

Get familiar with design, symbolism, and conventions: Questions are often left open-ended and aim to test whether you can present the design well. Make sure that you know the design conventions as it helps you to answer appropriately.

Focus on enriching sketching style: Your customised sketch will definitely fetch you the better marks. Try finding different types of shading and strokes while practicing.

Observe and analyze: Ability to observe and analyze from your perspective and relate current situation. Keep updating about designs in the market and check which design is best rated in the market and why? Balance Sketch and Time: Of course, sketching is a time taking factor. While answering try to provide simplify the solution. Estimate the space and then sketch in faint hand to get a sense of proportions and once this is done, rush into sketching. Sketch as fast as you can.