How to crack the NIFT 2020 Examination

How to crack the NIFT 2020 Examination

To crack the NIFT Entrance exam is a difficult task of course but with planned and systematic efforts you can crack this exam with ease.

In this blog below we will be sharing some important aspects about NIFT Examination.

What is NIFT exam?

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is a national institute for designing programmes. It conducts the main entrance exam is to select suitable candidates in its design courses by assessing their skills. Once the aspirants are selected in the entrance exam, they can then select their preferred design course. On an average, 20,000+ candidates take this examination every year.

How to study current affairs for NIFT entrance exam?

To keep a track of current affairs is very important. It is important to have in depth knowledge of current affairs for NIFT entrance exam.

There are multiple ways from where you can get the in depth knowledge. One of the important sources is through newspapers. Reading newspapers regularly will help to gain knowledge on various ongoing activities from sports, fashion, economy, etc. You can also get the manorama yearbook, it is also very helpful. Plus there are various news mobile applications like TOI, Inshorts, etc which also tend to provide lot of information.

What preparation is required for the entrance test at NIFT?

For a better performance in the NIFT entrance test, a candidate needs thorough knowledge in academic as well business domain segment subjects.

The GAT paper involves the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language and Comprehensions
  • Reasoning

In the business domain segment, you will get questions from the following subjects:

  • Fashion & Industry Awareness
  • Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge

To become an expert in solving questions from academic subjects, investing in good books and gaining assistance from classroom contact programmes will be really helpful and worthwhile. Simultaneously, it will also help to address the strenuous questions from the business area.

While purchasing books for preparing for exams make sure you prefer to study from separate books rather than a single set of books.

Pre-plan and practice the method of solving all questions within the given timeframe during the examination and develop a habit of answering at pace without wasting any minute as it can greatly influence your competitive exams score.

What is the best course material to prepare for the NIFT entrance exam?

There are plenty of books and study material available in the market to clear the NIFT competitive exam. Some books provide all the necessary information however, some do not and you might find it irrelevant to your choice.

To score high in the tests, it is essential to study and refer to course material which is not complex i.e. easy to understand and includes all the relevant topics. BRDS has developed series of study materials to help you get sufficient practice and score great marks in NIFT entrance exam.

How to get prepared for the NIFT entrance exam?

In order to clear NIFT Entrance exams successfully below are the tips that can be of great help.

Your NIFT entrance exam result will depend on how you prepare for the examination. Follow these tips to ace the exam in your desired manner.

  • Be consistent in practicing to perfect your sketching techniques.
  • Develop a habit for solving all questions as speedily as you can and within the given timeframe.
  • Refer and practise plenty of sample question papers to make yourself ready for the examination.
  • Raise your knowledge on the recent updates and events happening around the world by surfing websites or reading newspapers or watching news channels instead of referring every single book out there in the market.

How can a Class XI student prepare for NIFT?

Since this entrance exam is difficult to crack it is advisable to take coaching. BRDS is India’s most trusted Institute in this field with the highest results. At BRDS there are various batches at different timings which helps the students to select their convenient time. The coaching is provided by experts and NIF/NIFT alumni’s.

Is drawing mandatory to qualify for the NIFT?

Yes, drawing or sketching is one of the most essential skills for cracking the competitive entrance examination. Clearing the examination, will open up the paths for you to take admission in one of the NIFT courses.

Are there any tips to clear the NIFT 2020 exam?

You will have to practice with dedication and there is not any shortcut to succeed in the NIFT 2020 examination. However, several things you can keep in mind to keep it simple for yourself. Here are the tips that can be followed:

  • Learn to upgrade and expertise your observation and visionary skills. The exam will be a real test of your imaginative and creative skills. Preparing in prior will help you tackle such difficult situations.
  • Learn time management that is to be quick as possible while answering the questions within the allotted time frame. If you don’t follow this then you won’t be able to secure marks according to your expectation.
  • Solve and practice more and more sample question papers of the previous years as you can.

Keep in mind to update your general awareness from time to time. You can read the newspapers regularly or check different news sites on the internet.

  • Study from a quality course material to cover all the topics of your syllabus and have the information about the necessary subject matter at your fingertips.

No matter what designing course you are pursuing, the above tips and strategies will help you succeed through the challenges of taking the NIFT examination in flying colours.


If you are preparing for the NIFT 2020 entrance examination or the main exam of one of its designing courses, a thorough and systematic preparation is necessary. Follow the aforementioned tips to boost your chances of being successful at NIFT examinations.