How NID can help you to make a career in Interior Designing

How NID can help you to make a career in Interior Designing

Do you really want to make a career in Interior Designing?

Then you should know how NID can be really useful to you
Cracking NID entrance exam is always the aim for any designing aspirant. Be it bachelors or masters, getting admission into NID is what that matters. Once you are into NID then it is rest assured that you are into the best hands. With highly experienced faculties, amazing facilities & creative environment is the right mixture to make you a better designer & hence NID has been ranked as India’s No. 1 Design Institute.

This blog will cover the key aspects that are related to design courses in NID.

Does NID have the course of interior designing?

In spite of offering a wide range of courses NID does not provide admissions courses in interior designing.

The furniture and interior design course are helpful in improving the living and working atmosphere by just upgrading the objects and structures lodged in homes and offices. It is believed by some of the leading interior designers that such changes play a great role in raising the quality of life.

This discipline takes inspiration from environmental designing. Furniture plays an important role be it at home or workplace. It not only resembles aesthetic but it is also associated with the psychological aspect. Hence choosing the right furniture makes a big difference. This course has gained great popularity in recent times as it involves room for lot of creativity for an individual.

How is NID different from NIFT? Which is better?

Well NIFT and NID both are top premier institute of India. Al the career oriented design aspirants keep the aim to either pass out from NID or NIFT.

While there is no point of debate that a seat in these institutions is high on demand but there is a big difference between both.

In terms of courses, NID only offers bachelors and masters courses in designing. While on the other hand NIFT offers wide range of courses which include MFM, M.F.Tech, M. Des, B.F.Tech, and B.Des courses.

NID puts more Weightage on specifics, while NIFT on the other hand explores the greater possibilities of each course that it offers. That is to say, NIFT allows the students of its courses to get the in depth knowledge into their chosen fields as per their convenience, which in turn increases great career prospects for students.

Apart from the terms of courses there is also a difference in number of seats available and the course fees. NID offers 15 seats in 3 centres and NIFT offers 30 seats in all their 15 centres.

Also the course fee in NID is twice to that of NIFT.

How to prepare for an interior design entrance exam of NID?

By following the below mentioned tips it can be of great help to clear the design entrance exam of NID.

– The most basic and important ingredient is creativity of course but apart from that the candidate also require skills like general awareness, visualization skills, observation skills and also imagination power to think beyond. To develop this skills it is important to work hard and practice hard.

– A fresh idea is another important and key ingredient which the examiners are keen to observe. The more unique is your idea the more high chances of getting good marks.

– Time management is an important thing the candidates need to keep track of. As many a time’s students are not able to answer all the questions within the given time frame. Hence it is advisable to solve past question papers in order to finish the entire question in time.

– It is also very important to keep a track of all the current events and happenings around the world. As your general knowledge will also be tested in this exam.

– Developing the habit of drawing with a light hand is very important which will avoid the need to erase one’s drawing frequently which will in turn save lot of time.

Which book is best for NID exam?

To crack the NID exam, the best study material will be BRDS study material. As it covers all the important aspects that are asked in NID exam.

The link to BRDS NID Study material:

What are the other job opportunities after passing out from NID?

Possibilities are endless after passing out from NID. It paves the path to job prospects in the following fields:

  • Industrial Designing
  • Ceramic and Glass Designing
  • Toys and Games Designing
  • Product Designing
  • Animation Designing
  • Automobile Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Lifestyle/Accessory Designing
  • Film/Video Communication


We hope that the above blog has helped you to solve your queries and to provide some important information on how to crack NID entrance exam. Once you enter into NID then it will open all the doors for a bright career and future.