How do you prepare yourself for NID Studio Test 2022?

National Institute of Design or NID conducts NID Design Aptitude Test every year for admission to their 4 years Bachelor of Design Program and two and a half year Masters in Design programmes. NID is the best design college in India and students aspiring to study design compete every year to get admission into these colleges. NIDs are located in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Bangalore, Vijayawada, Bhopal, Kurukshetra and Jorhat. Apart from these, many private design colleges like Lovely Professional University, Vogue Institute of Art and Design, International Institute and many other colleges select candidates on the basis of their scores on the NID DAT. To be eligible for the exam for the 2022-23 batch, you need to clear your 10+2 in the academic batch 2021-22 in any stream from any recognized boards. For detailed information, you should visit the official website of NID.

The NID DAT exam is conducted in two stages:

  • The NID DAT Prelims: 

For B.Des, the test duration is of 3 hours and for M.Des, it is 2.5 hours. It is a pen and paper test and the total mark is 100.

  • The NID DAT Mains: 

It consists of 2 rounds- Studio Test and Personal Interview. In 2022, this round will be conducted in hybrid mode and the total mark is 100.In order to qualify for NID DAT mains, you would need to clear your prelims. The prelims test was conducted in Jan 2022 and the results would be declared in the last week of April. The NID studio test 2022 will be conducted in the offline mode whereas the interview will be conducted in the online mode in the third week of June.

Syllabus of NID DAT Studio TEST

In the Studio Test, a student’s creativity and their orientation towards design are the things that are tested. The test thus consists of 5 topics that put the student’s creative skills and out-of-the-box thinking to the test.

  • Doodling Exercise: 

In this, a student is given an incomplete doodle which he has to complete using lines and dots and after completing, he/she has to put a suitable action. 

  • 3D Model making and Material Manipulation: 

In this test, a student is given different materials and they have to make a model based on the situation that is given.

  • Design Concept: 

This test is conducted based on certain themes and concepts.

  • Audio–Visuals and Visualization test: 

This is to check the mental attentiveness and observation of a student.The syllabus might seem confusing in the beginning but to properly understand it, join a coaching institute. 

Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio is one of the prime coaching institutes for NID DAT preparation and the maximum number of students are selected from that institute. They have their own study material and students are given classroom coaching options to suit their academic schedules. 

Preparation Tips

  • The number of candidates that are shortlisted for the Studio Test and Personal Interview is three times the total number of seats available which is why the competition is tough. 
  • Understanding the syllabus properly is very important to crack the exam, both the prelims and the Mains.
  • Solving the previous years’ question papers and the mock test is the most important thing as it would help you understand the type of questions and the marks distribution.
  • Make a list of all the topics for NID Studio Test Preparation and allot equal time to all of them.
  • Prepare a timetable so that you can properly manage your time and cover all the topics properly. 
  • Be consistent in your efforts as consistency and hard work are the key to success.
  • In order to crack the exam, you need to enhance your creativity and think outside the box, because these are skills that are actually tested in the exam. Everybody has their own unique style of viewing objects and you need to show that yours is the best.
  • Make an elaborate plan based on the number of days left and the topics you need to cover. 
  • Be diligent as your dreams are dependent on you. See to it that your skillset is highlighted properly and in order to do that work to your best quality.
  • For the Personal Interview round, be your own true self as the ones taking the Interview are highly experienced and can understand if you fake things. 
  • Also, work on your portfolio as the number of projects you include is not important but the uniqueness in your work is what is important.
  • Practice making models using some basic things like wires, rubber, thread, clay, wood, plastic, hardboard, thermocol, cloth etc. and time on how long you complete your project. 
  • Practice doodling as well and keep your workspace clean and tidy as this creates a good impression on the examiners.
  • If you are not confident about whether you will be able to crack the test on your own, join an institute for preparation. 
  • The Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio offers a crash course of 28 days and has the best faculty. 
  • Bhanwar Rathore himself has graduated from NIFT and has also completed his Master’s Degree and Doctorate in fashion design.
  • While selecting the NID study material 2023, make sure that you are buying the latest version of the book. 
  • You should also be able to easily understand the topics in the book so make sure that they are comprehensible. 
  • If you join a coaching institute, they will provide their own study material for the preparation.
  • One important thing to do is to talk to the seniors or someone who is already studying in NID because they have already cleared the exam and the help or guidance you can get from them will help you a lot.

For proper guidance, it is wise to join a coaching institute like Bhanwar Rathore Design Institute because they provide study material and conduct live online classes with 24X7 recorded lectures. They have regular, weekend and crash course options and you can opt for any one of these based on your needs.