BRDS Course Content of NIFT Situation Test Workshop

NIFT Situation Test is held at the various NIFT Centers all across the country. In situation test student is required to create a three dimensional model with various materials provided; based on a specific topic or theme mentioned the students is provided with materials like, ice cream sticks, mount board, color papers, straws, thread etc…They are given 2 hours to make a three dimensional model.

The model will be evaluated on space visualization, innovative and creative use of given material, composition of elements, color scheme, construction skill, finesse of the model and overall presentation etc. These parameters will be checked with the write up explaining the concept behind the model constructed.

BRDS NIFT Situation Test Workshop Contents:

  • Introduction on creative thinking and design concept
  • Working on themes
  • 3D model making -basic and advance model making techniques
  • Material Manipulation- tips to work with different materials
  • Writing skills – Tips on preparing a write up.
  • Discussing and solving last 18 years NIFT Situation test papers
  • Solving 10 Mock test papers prepared by NIFT Alumni keeping in mind last years papers
  • One to one interaction with NIFT Alumni.