CEED 2025: Detailed Registration Guide, Application Form, and Fee Structure

The Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) 2025 is an important examination for students aspiring to join M Des. and PhD programs in design. Conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, CEED assesses candidates’ design aptitude, visual perception ability, drawing skills, logical reasoning, creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills. This guide provides detailed information on the registration process, application form, and fee structure for CEED 2025, alongside resources for exam preparation and coaching recommendations.

CEED Admission 2025: Registration Process

Step 1: Refer to the Information Brochure Before starting the registration process, it is crucial to refer to the CEED 2025 Information Brochure available on the official CEED website. This document contains detailed information about eligibility criteria, required documents, and other essential guidelines.

Step 2: Online Registration

  • Start Date: The online registration portal will open on October 3, 2024.
  • End Date (Regular Fee): Registrations must be completed by November 13, 2024.
  • End Date (Late Fee): Registrations with a late fee of ₹500 will be accepted until November 20, 2024.

To register, new users need to create an account on the IITB external user registration portal. A valid email ID is required for verification purposes. Registered users can log in to the portal to fill out the application form.

Step 3: Application Form The application form requires personal details, educational qualifications, and uploading of required documents such as a recent photograph, signature, and category certificate (if applicable). The form must be filled out accurately to avoid any discrepancies later.

Step 4: Payment of Fees the registration fee can be paid online through the CEED portal. The fee structure is as follows:

  • General/OBC Male Candidates: ₹3,600
  • SC/ST/PwD/Female Candidates: ₹1,800

CEED Exam Preparation

Preparing for CEED requires a strategic approach to cover all the topics assessed in the examination. Here are some essential tips:

  1.     Understand the Syllabus: The CEED syllabus includes topics like visualisation and spatial ability, environmental and social awareness, analytical and logical reasoning, language and creativity, design thinking and problem-solving, and observation and design sensitivity.
  2.     Use Quality Study Materials: Comprehensive study materials tailored for CEED can significantly enhance preparation. BRDS (Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio) offers excellent study material, which covers all aspects of the syllabus with practice questions and model papers.
  3.     Join Online Coaching: Enrolling in online coaching can provide structured learning and expert guidance. BRDS provides CEED online coaching that includes live classes, recorded sessions, and doubt-clearing sessions, helping candidates to stay on track with their preparation.
  4.     Practice Drawing and Design Skills: Regular practice of drawing and sketching is vital. Focus on enhancing your ability to visualise and transform 2D shapes and 3D objects, as well as improving your design thinking and problem-solving skills.
  5.     Take Mock Tests: Attempting mock tests simulates the exam environment and helps in time management. BRDS offers numerous mock tests that mirror the actual CEED exam pattern, enabling candidates to assess their preparation levels.

Fee Structure for CEED 2025

The fee structure for CEED 2025 is categorised based on the candidate’s category and gender:

  • General/OBC Male Candidates: ₹3,600
  • SC/ST/PwD/Female Candidates: ₹1,800
  • Late Fee: An additional ₹500 is applicable if the registration is completed after the regular deadline but before the late fee deadline.

This fee includes application processing charges and access to the examination. It is essential to complete the payment process within the stipulated timelines to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Coaching for CEED Preparation

Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS) is a renowned coaching institute for design entrance exams, including CEED. Here’s why BRDS stands out:

  1.     Expert Faculty: BRDS boasts a team of experienced faculty members who are experts in the field of design education. Their guidance can significantly enhance a candidate’s preparation journey.
  2.     Comprehensive Study Material: The CEED study material provided by BRDS is comprehensive, up-to-date, and specifically tailored for CEED. It includes theory notes, solved examples, and practice questions.
  3.     Online Coaching Programs: BRDS offers flexible CEED online coaching programs that cater to the needs of students across India. The programs include live classes, recorded lectures, and interactive doubt-solving sessions.
  4.     Mock Tests and Sample Papers: Regular mock tests and sample papers provided by BRDS help students get accustomed to the CEED exam pattern and improve their performance.
  5.     Personalised Attention: BRDS ensures that each student receives personalised attention, helping them to identify and work on their weak areas.


CEED 2025 is a gateway for students aspiring to pursue higher studies in design at premier institutes like IITs and IISc. Proper registration, thorough preparation using quality study materials, and expert guidance through online coaching can significantly enhance your chances of success. Make sure to follow the registration guidelines, prepare diligently, and leverage resources like BRDS to achieve your dream of excelling in CEED 2025.

For the latest updates and detailed information, always refer to the official CEED website.