CEED Coaching in Lucknow

BRDS offers coaching classes in CEED. CEED is the Common Entrance Exam for Design. At Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio, we provide coaching for design entrance examinations. We have branches in Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore and other cities across India. We are constantly expanding. We are a renowned design studio and offer the most effective classes to students. We provide various classroom coaching options. We offer self-study materials to style aspirants. We provide several crash courses. We are the best coaching institute for CEED in Lucknow.
BRDS alumni includes faculties of prestigious institutions like IIT, NID, NIFT, CEPT etc who are experts in various fields of design and give students an in-depth understanding of the subject from the entrance and portfolio design point of view.
We encourage students and parents to visit our Centre to have a better understanding of the quality of services and facilities provided, along with other features which makes us the best institute providing CEED Coaching in Kalyan . BRDS also offers scholarship for meritorious students details of which can be taken from our centre.

Why Are Students Flocking to BRDS?

  • We are the best CEED Coaching Institute in Lucknow and love to deliver the best in education. We produce the best study material which is curated by the best faculty, who have the best education in the design stream.
  • Our study material is also available online. There are various courses, that one can attend offline as well as online. There are various courses like fashion designing, textile designing and fashion styling.
  • CEED is a common interest test for design aspirants. It is like a state-level joint entrance test. It is aimed towards post-graduate students in the design sector. There is no age restriction for admission.
  • However, the design council has set a minimum academic qualification that is Bachelors in Design, Architectural subjects and Fine Arts
  • Thus students who qualify become eligible of admission to CEED. The Design Aptitude Test is one of the tests, followed by personal rounds of interview. Then only, a student can get admission to the courses in design.

Visit us, for the best coaching classes for CEED in Lucknow.

Why You Should Join BRDS?

We have provided students with the highest result in India. We have almost 15 years of experience in design, art and architecture. Moreover, we have the best of faculty. The study material is par with some of the international institutes. We are rapidly growing with branches in all major cities. We provide the best culture to students. We also arrange regular panel discussion for our students. Furthermore, we do not neglect our students, no matter what the case is. Moreover, you get a lot of assistance from alumni. They can help you to crack a lot of examinations. Furthermore, they come equipped with the best real-life experiences. Now, you can get CEED coaching classes in Lucknow.

Why Is It Necessary?

CEED Coaching is much in demand today. This is because all the students get confused with the wide variety of offers. The internet can be misleading sometimes.  However, you should probably look for someone, who will guide you properly in achieving the target of becoming a designer. It is not about clearing exam; it is a journey beyond that. BRDS believes in providing nothing but the very best to its students. If students take coaching from us, they can gain a lot of confidence. The faculty boosts creative thinking in students. Moreover, we provide the best study material, so that students can excel in the subject. The competition is getting tougher day by day. You can grasp the harder facets of the subject. When you revise with BRDS, then you will remember it for a longer time. We are the best in CEED coaching in Lucknow.

 BRDS Centre  in Lucknow

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