Career After 12th

Career after 12th standard is full of choices. In such condition, from among all the fields you are good at, you need to figure out what will suit you the most when it comes to building a career. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, likings, aptitude and interests.

1. Fashion Design
2. Textile Design
3. Accessory Design
4. Jewellery Design
5. Knitwear Design
6. Leather Design
7. Fashion Styling and Image Design
8. Fashion Communication
9. Apparel Production
10. Game Design
11. Footwear Technology
12. Apparel Design and Merchandising
13. Product Design
14. Furniture Design
15. Interior Design
16. Ceramic and Glass Design
17. Transportation and Automobile Design
18. Graphic Design
19. Animation Design
20. Film and Video Communication
21. Exhibition Design
22. B.Planning
23. Architecture
24. Civil Construction
25. Urban Design

  • By the end of 10th standard we suggest one should be clear about which field to opt for after 12th standard studies. Accordingly the child can choose the subjects in 11th standard.
  • Students from any stream (Science, commerce, arts at 12thstd) can get into designing field. But few institutes require science compulsory at 12th std for admission. So it’s better to list out by 10th Std the colleges you will be opting for further education after 12th.
  • The field of designing is also having good placements and income just like other fields such as engineering, medical, financial planning and so on.
  • Here we would strongly like to emphasize the fact that 12th standard education and clearing entrance exam for admission to designing college both are equally important. Passing both are the eligibility criteria for admission to the design college. Child had to create balance between both.
  • Because of the extreme pressure of 12th standard studies we recommend the student to prepare for entrance exam from 9th standard onwards.
  • How to decide whether child is fit for the field of designing: If child is having good observation power, designing and imaginative expression he/ she is surely fit for the field of designing.
  • If you wish to check the child’s aptitude that whether he/she is fit for designing field, you can visit our studio with prior appointment for aptitude test of child.
  • Best time for preparation: Student can start preparing for entrance exam from standard 9th onwards. The sooner you start, the better are your chances of success.