BRDS Director

I graduated from NIFT Gandhinagar and was working for Arvind Mills as a fashion designer. One day, four neighborhood students keen to clear admission tests to NID and NIFT came to me and sought my guidance. I started teaching them and all of them managed to clear the entrance tests. Within in a few days, 20 more students enrolled with me with numbers increasing from there on. Along the way I realized I was making good progress from tuitions. I decided to make tuitions my full-time profession and today I have more than 5000 students across the country.

Ten years from now…
I see myself growing, both professionally and personally in the next 10 years. At present I have 20 centres across the country and want to start five to six new centres every year. I want to have 50 centres across India in the next 10 years. I wish to throw the net wider and open centres abroad, as well, to introduce students there to Indian design institutes. That way I would be able to put Indian designing prowess and skills on the international platform.

I think management is my strongest skill as I personally manage all the 20 centers myself. I design the course and provide it to the faculty.There is no franchise or a third person involved in the working of these institutes. I make sure quality teaching is provided. I regularly visit all the centres along with key faculty members to ensure there is no compromise on the quality of teaching.


BRDS Faculty

Our Faculties: Our expert mentors and faculties are qualified fashion designers, product designers, animators, communication designers and architecture graduates or postgraduates from prestigious institutes such as NIFT, NID, IIT, CEPT, SPA, MSU and DCA. The dedicated faculties at BRDS help students to realize their strengths and weaknesses and chart out a path accordingly to reach their objective.

NIFT Alumni

Mr. Bhanwar Rathore (NIFT Alumni)
Ms. Amarjeet Rathore (NIFT Alumni)
Ms. Manisha Panchal (NIFT Alumni)
Ms. Twinkle Patel (NIFT Alumni)
Ms. Preet Shah (NIFT Alumni)
Ms. Fauzia Jamal (NIFT X-Faculty)
Ms. Swati Srivastava (NIFT Alumni)
Mr. Anshu Raj (NIFT Alumni)
Mr. Arunav Dwivedi (NIFT Alumni)
Mr. Shanshank Singh (NIFT Alumni)
Mr. Kshitz Kumar (NIFT Alumni)
Mr. Ashutosh Kumar (NIFT Alumni)
Ms. Vaishali Arora (NIFT Alumni)
Mrs. Amrin Saba (NIFT Alumni)
Mr.Anshu Singh (NIFT Alumni)
Mr. Dhanush Sirohi (NIFT Alumni)
Mr. Krishna Choudhary (NIFT Alumni)
Ms. Bhakti Gadhvi (NIFT Mumbai)

MSU & DCA Alumni

Mr. Amit Prajapati (MSU Alumni)
Mr. Ajay Sharma (DCA Visiting Faculty)
Mr. Biplab (DCA Visiting Faculty)
Mr. Ashish Palei (Utkal Culture University)
Mr. Ebrar Ahmed (Lalit Kala Santha )
Amol Takale (JJ Alumni)
Mr. Kiran Ghanekar (JJ Alumni)
Ms. Sonal Wankhede (JJ Alumni)
Ms. Jyoti Prakash Chowdhury (College of Art & Craft, Kolkata)

NID Alumni

Mr. Krishna Anand (NID Alumni)
Mr. Ayush Kushwaha (NID Alumni)
Mr. Nihal Rawal (NID Alumni)
Mr. Sameer Patwardhan (NID Alumni)
Mr. Pushpendra Bharambe (NID Alumni)
Mr. Padmaraj Keshri (NID Alumni)
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh (NID Alumni)
Mr. Sandip Kumar Jaiswal ( NID Alumni)
Mrs. Sunanda Aggarwal (NID Alumni)
Mr. Rana Pratap Sen (NID Alumni)
Ms. Abhilasha R Bindra (NID Alumni)
Mr. Chitradeep Banerjee ( NID Alumni)
Mr. Kunal Agnihotri (NID Alumni)
Mr. Utpal Ghosh (NID Alumni)

Architects and Interior Designers

Mr. Ravi Dave (CEPT Alumni)
Ar. Neeraj Prajapati (CEPT Alumni)
Ar. Karen Rodrigues (CEPT Alumni)
Ar. Saloni Malhotra (CEPT Alumni)
Ar. Ankit Arora (SPA Alumni)
Ar. Ravinder Kaur (CCA Alumni)
Mr. Rakesh Semwal (CEPT Alumni)
Ar. Iravati Nath (JJ Alumni)
Ms. Shree Nidhish Nanavaty (CEPT)
Ar. Rashmi Wagh
Ar. Ronak Deshmukh
Ar. Ayantika Ghosh Basu
Ar. Nilanjan Mandal

IIT Alumni

Mr. Abhishek Bali (IIT Alumni)
Mr. Prabhat Tiwari (IIT Alumni)
Ms. Snigdha Banerjee (IDC Alumni)
Mr. Shyam Sunder Chatterjee (IIT Alumni)