10 Tips for How to Crack NID

1.NID questions are framed to judge a candidates creativity, imagination & visualization skills/ observation/ general awareness etc. The most common misconception among NID aspirants is that if you draw well, then you can crack NID, which is totally false. NID focuses on problem-solving capabilities and intellect.

2.Be Creative – Creativity is the ability to come up with new, original ideas which are not conventional. It is the breaking away from the stereotype, routine, accepted set of thoughts and possessing a deeper insight to problem solving. In short, a creative person experiences rebirth everyday with his or her ideas.

3.Understand that your drawing & creative skills are useless if you are not able to present your thoughts in the exam in the limited amount of time. You stand to lose marks for the questions you fail to answer or which are left incomplete, it doesn’t matter how good you are at your work. So speed is equally important.

4.Go through all previous papers of NID. Solve at least 8- 10 past papers within the time limit. Find out a comfortable sequence of answering the paper.

5.Don’t practice in A3 size sketch books. Work in A4 size as that is normally the standard size of answer sheets in the examinations.

6.Find your own deep and compelling reason to successfully clear NID. Motivate yourself. Work with enthusiasm & you will be amazed at your ideas & creations.

7.In exam, be confident about what you are drawing and answering. One should not worry about marks or scoring high; the focus should be on communicating your ideas creatively in the paper.

8.In questions requiring drawing, always draw with a light hand first, doing mainly the outlining without the details. When you are satisfied with the proportions & the rough outline, you may finalize. You will save a lot of time that students normally waste in erasing & re-drawing.

9.Practice more with dry mediums (colors), as they are convenient to use and take less time in exams.

10.Plan your time for school/college study & you entrance preparation. Use your time effectively with a time table

  939 Students Selected in NID from BRDS

National Institute of Design (NID) is the premier institute for Design education in India. Known for its expert faculties, amazing learning environment, notable alumni and of course, its long lasting legacy, NID is also known as the most difficult design college to get into. NID offers 100 seats for B. Design programme and 275 seats in M. Design programmes. NID recently added two centers for Graduate Diploma Program in Design at Vijaywada and Kurukshetra with 60 seats at each campus.

BRDS has consistently brought out successful students for getting into NID and it is proud to achieve highest selection in NID compared to any other coaching institute in India. BRDS is the only institute to publish full result year after year with brief about the students, their city, and photos. No institute in India provides results with so much detail.

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