1 Crore Prize Challenge

There are more than 250 coaching institutes in India and approx. 4-5 local institutes in your city and all institutes claim “They are No. 1 Institute” and they are the best, however in this Internet Era where you can find anything and everything at your finger tips we challenge you to visit all coaching institute’s official website and find any institute claiming to have higher result than us. If anyone proves that any coaching institute in India has more results compared to BRDS then you can claim the prize money of Rs. 1 Crore from any BRDS Center in India. Fill in the below form and you will get a call from BRDS team.


    Important points to be kept in mind while selecting a Best Coaching Institute

    Compare the results: Results are the key factor for selecting an institute for preparation. Compare the results of all coaching institutes and select the best coaching for your child.

    Check Yearly Results : Always check year-wise results before joining any coaching institute. Check the results of the institute in the most recent year, for example, the results of 2023 to ensure the current effectiveness of the coaching.

    Mix Results: Most coaching institutes do not update their results year-wise as they don’t achieve good results every year. Instead, they update the results of all the years together, from the inception of their institute until the present year. Be cautious of institutes that present mixed results spanning several years.

    Results in numbers : Some institutes only talk about overall numbers of the result and skip mentioning how many students got into top colleges like NID, NIFT, and IIT individually. The result figures mentioned by them are the mixed selection figures of all the design colleges. The fact is that maximum students approx. 95% from the coaching might have got admission into other design colleges and a very few students; hardly 5% have got admitted into NID, NIFT and IIT. Therefore, when checking the results, focus not just on the overall numbers but check the number of selections at top colleges like NID, NIFT, and IIT.

    Check for Full Details of student: Only trust the institute that shares complete results, including photos, names, cities, and the colleges where students were selected. Be careful with institutes that use fake or unclear images that make it hard to identify students. Avoid joining institutes that only give the student’s first name without providing all the necessary details.

    Double-check Results: Before enrolling, verify the institute’s claims. Check with colleges or online (especially on social media) to confirm the success stories.

    Look for Newspaper Results: Fraud coaching classes will never publish results in public newspapers. For printing results along with figures in the newspaper the data should be 100% authentic. This is the reason you will never see the result figures in the newspaper by institutes. Therefore, it’s advisable to trust an institute that openly shares its results in newspapers.


    100% Selection Guarantee In Top 5 Design Colleges

    BRDS assures selection in one of the top 5 Design Colleges of India for the course selected by you (as listed on BRDS website).

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      If you are not a BRDS student and you are studying at any other coaching institute and if you are not satisfied with them then BRDS will provide you 100% FREE Coaching.

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